Sunday, March 7, 2010

Welcome to Veranda Gardening!

Due to unforeseen (maybe a little foreseen) circumstances last December, I suddenly had a lot of free time to explore my own hobbies and search for a new job. What I found was that I really enjoyed gardening, especially vegetable gardening. I live in a suburb of Tokyo, so my gardening is mostly limited to the space available on my veranda. That's what this blog is about.

I have some other blogs regarding my life here in Japan and one dedicated to my avocado trees. Please have a look if you have time.

With spring right around the corner, the planting season has begun. Since space is at a premium and my wife doesn't appreciate me buying planters every weekend, I have come up with the following plan for this year's vegetable crop.
In addition, I anticipate growing some morning glories and continue with the avocado trees. However the main focus of my veranda garden will be vegetables.

I hope you enjoy the blog!

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