Thursday, July 1, 2010

Veranda: An overview

Yesterday an old friend asked what the whole garden looks like. I've been sharing pictures of individual plants, but not pictures of the garden in its entirety. The reason for that, mainly, is that the garden is terribly small and cluttered. It shares its space with the clotheslines, air conditioners, fire escape, and storage bin. On any typical day, it is a complete mess.

But I'll oblige! Standing in front of the storage box, here is a sweep from left to right.

This gets us to about the middle of the veranda. You can see the old potato planter with a watermelon growing, the peppers, tomatoes, a jade plant, the mulching pit with a circular support post falling over, and a few bags of recyclables that need to be thrown out next Wednesday.

Continuing on...

On this side of the veranda, you can see a small bougainvillea, an old (5 years?) gerbera plant, the strawberry planter, and the broccoli. There's also a bunch of clutter and clotheslines all over the place. My wife will probably be a little upset that these pictures are being posted...

One thing I don't want to neglect to mention is the fake grass on the floor. It was originally just a plain patio, but by using the fake grass the temperature is reduced and there is a slightly raised space between the plants and the floor. Water can flow out of the bottom of the pots to the floor underneath. Its job is to keep the veranda clean and dry, even after watering.

Behind the air conditioners on each side are avocados. Last year they looked really sick, but they have rebounded and now look really great. I think moving them to this small area has given them a bit more access to sunlight and the wind is subdued by the close walls.
The oldest.

The younger two.

That's what the veranda garden looks like. It isn't much, but I am making due with the small area I have.

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